Jialin Wu (Justin Wu) | 吴佳霖

About me

I am an undergraduate student in School of the Gifted Young (SGY) at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), majoring in Artificial Intelligence. My current research interests lie in the areas of machine learning and data mining.

🎓 Educations

  • 2020.09 - 2024.06 (Expected), B.E. in Artificial Intelligence, University of Science and Technology of China (School of the Gifted Young)

🔥 News

  • 2022.03: Building my homepage.

📃 Publications

  • Jialin Wu, Qizhi Yao*. Nitrogen Association[J]. University Chemistry, 2021, 36(10): 2104037

    This work was done during my first winter vacation in university, when I had not yet chosen my major.

💻 Research Experience

  • National Undergraduate Innovative Research Program
    • USTC, May. 2022 - Present
    • Supervisor: Prof. Lan Zhang
    • Project name: AR application service based on video intelligent analysis
      • This project aims to develop an app that uses a camera to identify buildings on campus and display information about them using AR, based on intelligent video analysis.
  • The Online Summer Research Programme

📖 Academic Experience

  • OPGDI Summer Tutorial Programme 2022
    • University of Oxford, Aug. 2022 - Nov. 2022
    • Supervisor: Dr. Nived Chebrolu
    • Course name: Advanced AI and Machine Learning

🏆 Selected Honors and Awards

  • Oct.2022 Qiangwei Visionary Scholarship (Greater than top 5%)
  • Jun.2022 Outstanding Student Cadre
  • Jan.2022 School of the Gifted Young Class of 1987 Innovation Scholarship (16/1370+)
  • Jan.2022 Outstanding Student Scholarship
  • Jun.2021 Qiangwei Public Service and Moral Scholarship
  • Dec.2020 Outstanding Freshman Scholarship

🤝🏻 Leadership

  • Sep.2020 - Present Monitor of Class 4 of the Year 2020 of School of the Gifted Young
    • Our class was awarded the title of the Six-merits College Student Class (Only six classes in USTC are awarded this title every year.)
  • Jun.2022 - Jun.2023 Vice President of the USTC Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Association
  • Jun.2022 - Jun.2023 Head of the General Affairs Department of the Fangcao Youth Volunteer Association

🎾 Extracurricular Activities

  • Arts : Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Sketch
  • Sports : Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball